Sunday, September 12, 2010


People often misconstrue confidence and perceive it as arrogance. Pride drives these two attributes. Detrimental as arrogance, beneficial to confidence, regardless, aim to be the best!

Title: PRIDE
Author: O. Asojo

Pride, father of confidence
Kin of arrogance

Pride, the rise and fall
The Joy! Abhorrence!

Pride, my nonchalance as the best
My enthusiasm, challenge the rest

Pride, fuels the drive when high
Retards the strive when dejected

A thousand words, just one or even none
I remain the best; coming close, I see no one
I’m in a league of my own, I’m the only one

© 2010 ☂sojo


chinnyn said...

you're a very good writer........"People often misconstrue confidence and perceive it as arrogance"......
confidence - belief in oneself / one's abilities
Arrogance - offensive display of self-importance......isnt it most likely that an overly confident person could be arrogant? No?

☂sojo said...

Thanks. That's definitely true; the line between both can often be blurred.