Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As much as we experience change, why is it so difficult to effect “controlled change”? Controlled change as I term it is calculatedly transforming behavior, breaking away from habits particularly those detrimental in the long run. Ultimately, we all benefit from favorable change. Regardless of differences, we all just seek contentment.

Author: O. Asojo

Change is constant with time
Of what use if detrimental to my kind

Change claims all; it’s all I ever hear
Change & change, Left, right & everywhere

Change says the vagabonds in power
It will come, their favorite phrase to utter

Change is what is said all week through
Change from week one through week fifty two

Change from dusk till dawn, Change from sunset till sun-up
Change, a song, like a vendor promoting news all year long
Change, not yesterday or today but when tomorrow comes

Knocked at its door but change was gone
So patiently you and I wait, until the day it comes

© 2010 ☂sojo

Monday, September 13, 2010


Time has always been fascinating to me
Primarily due to its ‘control’ over life and self actualization
Use it wisely & best possible considering, once gone, it’s really gone!

Title: TIME
Author: O. Asojo

Tick tock, the heart of the clock; it just won’t stop
I change my pace, go faster; it’s never enough
You matured me, You age me

Unwavering, the mind of the clock; a constant turn
I multitask, try usurping it all; yet I need more
You enlightened me, You limit me

Incessant, the soul of the clock; unending revolutions
Controlling my every all; where do I run
You refined me, You define me

© 2010 ☂sojo

Sunday, September 12, 2010


People often misconstrue confidence and perceive it as arrogance. Pride drives these two attributes. Detrimental as arrogance, beneficial to confidence, regardless, aim to be the best!

Title: PRIDE
Author: O. Asojo

Pride, father of confidence
Kin of arrogance

Pride, the rise and fall
The Joy! Abhorrence!

Pride, my nonchalance as the best
My enthusiasm, challenge the rest

Pride, fuels the drive when high
Retards the strive when dejected

A thousand words, just one or even none
I remain the best; coming close, I see no one
I’m in a league of my own, I’m the only one

© 2010 ☂sojo

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My First Post / Inspiration

I was once asked, what inspires? My take, inspiration is multifarious. Like most things, it’s based on perception. It comes from the simplest things to the greatest experiences.

I’m going to start my blog with a poem I wrote following that question. Enjoy!

Author: O. Asojo

What inspires is the question?

A hug from a great friend once lost?
The smile from the stranger next door?
Afflictions constantly fought?

What inspires is the question?

A psalm hummed and sang by mum?
The birth of one’s very first born?
Life’s stress, predicaments, hurts?

What inspires is the question?

A setting sun taking a blissful walk?
The warmth of one’s lifelong love?
Tales of a late love that once was?

What inspires is reality, the life I live, the world as it is

© 2010 ☂sojo