Saturday, September 11, 2010

My First Post / Inspiration

I was once asked, what inspires? My take, inspiration is multifarious. Like most things, it’s based on perception. It comes from the simplest things to the greatest experiences.

I’m going to start my blog with a poem I wrote following that question. Enjoy!

Author: O. Asojo

What inspires is the question?

A hug from a great friend once lost?
The smile from the stranger next door?
Afflictions constantly fought?

What inspires is the question?

A psalm hummed and sang by mum?
The birth of one’s very first born?
Life’s stress, predicaments, hurts?

What inspires is the question?

A setting sun taking a blissful walk?
The warmth of one’s lifelong love?
Tales of a late love that once was?

What inspires is reality, the life I live, the world as it is

© 2010 ☂sojo


Toyin said...

love it...

damola said...

Impressive lyrical dexterity from d rainmaker himself :)

☂sojo said...

Thank you thank you!

Funms-the rebirth said...

good to see you finally took to advice to put your words out here....