Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As much as we experience change, why is it so difficult to effect “controlled change”? Controlled change as I term it is calculatedly transforming behavior, breaking away from habits particularly those detrimental in the long run. Ultimately, we all benefit from favorable change. Regardless of differences, we all just seek contentment.

Author: O. Asojo

Change is constant with time
Of what use if detrimental to my kind

Change claims all; it’s all I ever hear
Change & change, Left, right & everywhere

Change says the vagabonds in power
It will come, their favorite phrase to utter

Change is what is said all week through
Change from week one through week fifty two

Change from dusk till dawn, Change from sunset till sun-up
Change, a song, like a vendor promoting news all year long
Change, not yesterday or today but when tomorrow comes

Knocked at its door but change was gone
So patiently you and I wait, until the day it comes

© 2010 ☂sojo


Joy said...

Love it! Makes a lot more sense now my brain is not in shut-down mode ;-)

blogoratti said...

Change...something we all need at some point. Nice read*

☂sojo said...

haha @ shutdown mode, thanks y'all!

Omo Oba said...

"Change, a song, like a vendor promoting news all year long" - loved this.

☂sojo said...

thanks Omo Oba