Monday, October 11, 2010


Some lives are electrifying and inspiring
I've read about, heard of and seen greatness beyond words
This is a dedication to those who live great lives inspiring others

Author: O. Asojo

An entrance at sunrise, hours before noon
Thought I read it backwards, the book of his life's sum-up

A man misconstrued, his tale gravely skewed
It claimed his life was extraordinary, his path plaid in gold

Awe-inspiring, his life's mystery; is it all true?
Perfection from day one; agile as the young & wise as the old

An exit at sunset, hours after noon
Was far from wrong, read it clearly, his life's amazing ode

As his life's tale unfolds, his greatness shone
It's a story analogous to myths; one like folktales of old

A multihued destiny for all; his life long goal
Another? No, not just another, he defined an epoch

© 2010 ☂sojo

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